Can Removing a Tree Cause Foundation Problems On Your Gainesville Property?

Can removing a tree cause foundation problems? Considering that it’s common practice to get rid of a tree to protect your foundation, this may seem like a strange question. However, the issue isn’t as simple as you might think.

In this post, Top Tier Tree Specialist, Gainesville’s tree service, explains more. 

can removing a tree cause foundation problems

Removing Trees and Foundation Damage

Removing a tree can cause foundation problems due to eroding soil. Fortunately, however, this is a rare occurrence, and having a professional remove your tree is the best way to prevent damage to your home an property.

The Impact of Tree Removal on Soil Stability

The issue is that when you remove damaged tree roots, there’s a void. You can fill it with soil, but there’s still a risk of the ground shifting as it settles. Therefore, tree removal and subsidence risk often go hand in hand.

How dangerous this is for your foundation depends on various factors. 

For the most part, your foundation is fine as long as you fill in the void. When you compare soil settling after tree removal to the destructive power of the roots, the tree removal impact on foundations is positive. 

Erosion or Flooding

When can removing a tree cause foundation problems? The roots soak up a lot of water, keeping it away from the concrete. They also bind the soil, so when you remove them, you take away that control. 

Flooding is one of the most common foundation problems after tree removal. Erosion comes a close second, as there are no roots to prevent the soil from washing away.

Should I Remove a Tree Near My House? 

We recommend calling local arborists for a professional consultation. While it’s usually better to err on the side of caution, you can employ many countermeasures to hamper the roots.

For example, you can install a concrete dam to stop them from attacking the foundation. You also need to know how aggressive the tree species is before making your final decision.

A team of certified arborists can assist you in this endeavor. They’ll perform a thorough risk assessment so you know where you stand. 

In the interim, look for signs that there’s foundation damage. These might include cracks in the walls or ground and depressions in the soil. 

Can I Limit the Damage During Removal?

The safest course to adopt is to call in the experts. They have the experience and expertise to account for every possibility. 

Professional arborists will try to save the tree by considering how much bigger it will get and performing a thorough risk assessment. Then, they’ll advise you on the right countermeasures, but if necessary, they can bring the tree down safely.

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