Tree Care Tips: How To Keep Trees Healthy in Gainesville, FL

Top Tier Tree Specialist, Gainesville’s professional tree service, is here to assist you with your arboreal needs. In this post, we discuss how to keep trees healthy. 

how to keep trees healthy

Choose Your Trees Wisely

One of the top tree wellness practices is to choose your saplings carefully. It’s difficult to grow a plant that’s not suited to the local environment. While you might get an exotic tree to grow, it’ll need a lot of special attention to thrive.

Water Properly

Drought stress and overwatering are both very dangerous for plants. One of the top tree care strategies for optimal health is to regularly check the soil for moisture. If you dig about two inches down and the soil is dry, you need to water more frequently. If it’s wet, hold back for a bit. 

Judicious Pruning

The next tip for how to keep trees healthy is to remove dead or diseased branches as soon as possible. This not only stops the rot but also allows the tree to focus its resources on new growth. 

A good rule of thumb with trimming is to always have a set purpose. Never remove more than a third of the canopy; if unsure, consult a professional. At Top Tier Tree Specialist, we safely trim various types of trees, including palm trees, in Gainesville, FL, and surrounding areas.


Nutrients are vital for maintaining tree health. We recommend digging compost into the ground when the tree is dormant. This improves the soil’s health. 

You should test the soil for nutrient deficiencies and correct them in early spring. Start before it gets very hot because the fertilizers contain salt that can dry out the roots. Water the tree well after fertilizing it.

Prevent Pests & Diseases

In Gainesville’s balmy springs and humid summers, this is easier said than done. However, if you’re vigilant, you can catch the early signs of an infestation. Deal with them quickly to prevent them from spreading.

How you do so depends on the type of pest. Most times, you should prune the infested branches. For the rest, it’s best to consult an arborist. 


Mulching has several benefits, especially if you choose an organic product. It: 

  • Regulates the soil temperature
  • Prevents rain from evaporating
  • Filters impurities out of the rainwater
  • Smothers weeds and grass
  • Decomposes and releases nutrients

You should start the mulch from just outside the root bulge at the base of the trunk. Extend it to the end of the drip line and make it about three or four inches thick.

Protect the Roots & Trunks 

The last of our tips for healthy tree growth is to use a trunk protector. This prevents deer from nibbling at the bark. You should place a protective fence around saplings to keep the leaves and roots safe. The fence can also prevent damage from landscaping equipment. 

Contact Our Team About The Best Practices for Sustaining Tree Vitality

Ensuring the well-being of your trees is an ongoing process. Top Tier Tree Specialist is here to help you with caring for trees. Call us to schedule service today. We’re full of helpful advice on how to keep trees healthy. 

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