All About Tree Fungus: Causes and Solutions in Gainesville, FL

As a tree owner, you need to watch out for a lot, one of them being tree fungus. While not all fungi prove fatal, it helps to know as much as you can about them. Your tree’s health and longevity depend on it.

In this article, the experts at Top Tier Tree Specialist will tell you all you need to know about tree fungi, from causes to fungicide treatment and prevention.

tree fungus

Common Types of Tree Fungi

Not all fungi deliver a death sentence for your tree. For some, like powdery mildew, the most they’ll do is ruin your tree’s appearance. That said, you should know about a few that can be extremely fatal.

Oak Wilt

Sap beetles spread this tree fungus. Once it affects an oak tree, the fungus can cause wilting, leaf drop, and out-of-season browning.

Verticillium Wilt

Not only is verticillium wilt fatal, but it also has no cure. Once your trees get it, they will dry up and develop yellow leaves. Some might even experience slow growth.

Shot Hole Fungus

Shot hole fungus differs a bit from the others because it indirectly causes your tree’s death. The fungus causes tiny holes to form on your tree’s leaves. This places the tree under immense stress and gives insects and other diseases the perfect chance to attack.

Armillaria Root Rot

Considering how vital roots are, you can understand how fatal Armillaria root rot is. To verify if you have an infected tree, check for mushrooms at your tree’s base, wilting leaves, brown or yellow leaves, leaf drop, and stunted growth.

How Does Tree Fungus Spread?

Mainly, tree fungus spreads through fungal spores. These spores can reach your tree in various ways. For instance, the wind carries some spores, while others attach themselves to the insects that invade your tree.

Sometimes, spore transmission can happen during a downpour when the rainwater causes the spores in the soil to splash up onto your tree.

How To Treat Tree Fungi

As soon as they detect signs of fungal disease, some tree owners might rush to spray their trees with a fungicide. However, when it comes to fungicide treatment, your best bet is always to reach out to Top Tier Tree Specialist, Gainesville’s professional tree service, and schedule an arborist consultation.

Unfortunately, we can’t treat all tree fungi. Sometimes, removing the tree is the only solution. However, before doing so, have a trained professional evaluate your tree.

Fungal Disease Identification

While keeping your tree as healthy as possible will help prevent fungal infection, tree fungus is an ever-present threat. The good news is that some don’t prove as deadly as others. Also, early detection can help you deal with those that are fatal.

At Top Tier Tree Specialist, we are happy to provide the arborist services you need to prevent and treat tree fungi. Reach out to us at (352) 472-8733 to request your free estimate.

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