Can an Uprooted Tree Be Saved in Gainesville, FL?

Florida gets heavy storms and winds, which can uproot even larger trees. Trees that get ripped out by their roots might still largely be intact, which naturally leads to the question: Can an uprooted tree be saved?

The answer is it depends on the size of the tree and its overall condition. Sometimes, you can replant an uprooted tree; other times, the damage is too great. Either way, you will need the help of a certified arborist to save an uprooted tree. Read on to learn more information about restoring uprooted trees.

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can an uprooted tree be saved

Replanting Large and Small Trees

Uprooted larger trees tend to be more difficult to replant because the necessary force to rip a large tree out of the ground will almost certainly damage its roots and branches. Without the appropriate root structure and tree anatomy, a larger tree won’t be able to support itself when replanted and will be at risk of falling again. Additionally, root loss means the tree won’t adequately absorb nutrients and water from the soil. 

Smaller trees, on the other hand, are more amenable to replanting because their root systems are not as large and complex. It takes less force to uproot a small tree, so it’s less likely to suffer extensive root and branch damage. All other things being equal, you’ll have a much easier time replanting a small tree than a larger tree of the same species.

Rescuing Uprooted Trees

The most important consideration when salvaging uprooted trees is time. An uprooted tree can be saved, but you have to work quickly to replant it or else it will die. On hot days, even a large uprooted tree can completely die in just a day or two. 

Getting the tree back into the ground is the first priority. You start by digging a hole wider than the exposed root bulb and put the tree back in so it is upright. After filling the hole, you need to stake the tree into an upright position. The stakes help it stay upright while the roots re-anchor themselves into the ground. 

If there are any broken branches, carefully prune them close to the branch collar. Removing dead and broken branches reduces the weight of the canopy, so the replanted tree won’t struggle under its own weight. Keep the surrounding soil and dirt moist, but don’t overwater or you could further damage the roots.

Uprooted tree rehabilitation can take several years. Ultimately, reviving uprooted trees is difficult, and it will require frequent maintenance and observation. You can maximize the chance of saving displaced trees with a professional arborist. 

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So, can an uprooted tree be saved? The answer is yes, with the right tree experts, you can save an uprooted tree and nurse it back to health. Contact Top Tier Tree Specialist today at (352) 472-8733 to schedule certified arborist service in Gainesville, FL.

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