What To Know When Removing Large Trees in Gainesville, FL

When you realize that you need to remove a tree from your yard or garden, it can be a pretty big decision. Removing large trees changes the entire look of your yard, and sometimes emotional attachment to big trees that have been there for a long time can make the situation difficult.

If you want to learn what to know when removing large trees, consider reading more from Top Tier Tree Specialist, a top-rated tree service in Gainesville, FL.

removing large trees

4 Signs You Should Remove a Large Tree From Your Property

While it can be difficult to call upon tree removal services for a beloved and large tree, sometimes the decision can be out of your hands. With large tree removal techniques, you can stay safe.

Choosing professional tree removal for a large tree can be an equally large decision, which is why it’s good to know the signs of a dead or dying tree:

1. The Tree Leans

Tree removal can be dangerous you should call professionals if your tree is leaning. Tree removal safety is our top priority at the Top Tier Tree Specialist; when removing tall trees, we segment each part as it comes down so there’s no risk to your property or the rest of your yard. A leaning tree is dangerous; we recommend cutting down big trees if they show signs of leaning after a storm.

2. Falling Branches

If you find that branches often fall from your tree, this could be a sign that it’s unhealthy. Removing large trees involves checking the tree’s health, and while large trees often have dead branches due to some absorbing the sun’s rays more than others, the excess is a cause for concern. Brittle branches that snap when you step on them indicate that your tree may be unhealthy.

3. Rotting Bark

While removing large trees can be a big decision for your property, if you notice peeling or rotting bark, then it’s definitely time to consider it. Bark that peels easily is a sign that your tree isn’t absorbing enough nutrients to keep leaves supplied and bark relatively supple. A healthy tree should have some resistance when you attempt to pull the bark off, with some green underneath when you manage. 

4. Withering Leaves

Outside of the fall season, your tree shouldn’t have red or otherwise fall-colored leaves. Wilting or autumn-colored leaves indicate that your tree isn’t getting enough water from the soil. Whether this is due to a lack of root system or other factors is irrelevant; dying large trees can be a danger to your home.

Trust the Top Tier Tree Specialist Experts

Now that you know more about removing large trees, consider working with Top Tier Tree Specialists in Gainesville, Florida. We specialize in:

While one tree can’t truly replace another, we hope our affordable and convenient services can help make your new tree a pleasant one. If you’re ready to start planting with us today, call us at 352-472-8733 for a free consultation.

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