Emergency Mossy Oak Tree Removal in Gainesville, FL by Top Tier Tree

Emergency Mossy Oak Tree Removal in Gainesville, FL by Top Tier Tree

by | Mar 11, 2024

Gainesville, FL, has an extreme wind factor that affects all of the over 34,000 area properties. Because of this weather condition, Top Tier Tree Specialists had to remove a Mossy Live Oak tree from in front of a commercial apartment building after high wind and heavy rain knocked it down. This case study examines how the experts handled this emergency tree removal service in Gainesville, FL, improving safety and appeal. 

  • Client Profile: Commercial Apartment Building
  • Location: Gainesville, FL. Alachua County
  • Type of Service: Emergency Tree Removal from a high wind storm and heavy rain. 
  • Tree Size: 40 feet tall, 38 inches at base of trunk.
  • Equipment/Products Used: Bucket Truck, Skid Steer, Loader, Debris hauling, 3-man crew
  • Service Frequency: One Time Project
  • Season: Winter
  • Specific Challenges: The downed tree was very large and covered the roadway of the apartment building and parking lot. 
  • Tree Type: Mossy Live Oak Tree
  • Additional Services: Debris hauling and removal of all tree limbs, logs, and brush after the project was completed. 
  • Client Preferences: Remove the live oak tree so that the residents of the apartment complex could travel in and out of the location, and keep residents safe. 
Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Answering Our Client’s Call

After a winter storm, our Top Tier Tree Specialists team received a call from a commercial property owner who worried about recent property destruction that affected their parking lot and roadways around the building. This fear was understandable with a 40-foot-tall Mossy Life Oak tree lying across the grounds, keeping individuals from conveniently accessing the complex. 

Our client’s wish was to safely remove the Oak with emergency tree clearing so residents could smoothly enter and leave the premises.



Commercial Tree Removal from Storm Damage

The rapid response tree removal team showed up with a three-man crew that immediately went to work with emergency tree cutting so they could effortlessly detach large limbs and chop up the 38-inch thick trunk for easier hauling away. Using a skid steer, loader, and bucket they removed the 40-foot-tall tree and tidied up their urgent tree removal services by cleaning up loose tree limbs, logs, and brush.  

After debris cleanup and hauling

After debris cleanup and hauling

The Success of the Emergency Tree Removal in Gainesville, FL

The emergency tree removal in Gainesville, FL, went off without a hitch. Top Tier Tree Specialists understands immediate tree removal is crucial, especially with diseased trees and in areas with high foot traffic. That’s why they offer 24-7 tree removal for convenience, swift response times, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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