Top Tier Tree Specialists Complete Major Tree Removal in Lake City, Florida, Involving Multiple Oak Trees

Top Tier Tree Specialists Complete Major Tree Removal in Lake City, Florida, Involving Multiple Oak Trees

by | Apr 25, 2024

Top Tier Tree Specialists of Gainesville, FL, responded to an “emergency tree removal near me” enquiry recently. The urgent residential tree removal in Lake City, FL, involved small-to-medium oak trees. This client wanted a professional tree removal service that would also clean the work area and grind the oak stumps.


tree removal in lake city

The Lake City property had an abundance of oak trees, with six imposing dangerously on the fence line


  • Client profile: Residential
  • Location: Lake City, FL
  • Type of service: Remove six oak trees
  • Tree sizes: 9ft to 25ft
  • Equipment: Bucket truck, skid steer, loader, debris removal truck, four-man crew 
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific challenges: The trees were close together in tightly compacted soil.
  • Tree type: Oak trees
  • Additional services: Debris removal of all limbs and logs.
  • Client preferences: Requested the team to remove six oak trees that blocked the property’s view. Two were very young oak trees that the homeowner wanted to remove before they extended their root systems too far.

Overview: Small-to-Medium Oak Tree Removal in Lake City, FL

The client for this project had six oak trees blocking the view and growing close together. The removal project improved the area’s functionality with more space while instantly improving the landscape’s aesthetic appeal. 

With the oak trees all between 9 and 25 feet tall, the major challenges faced during this project included the proximity of each of the trees and the heavily compacted soil beneath them. The trees were also near to living areas and a fence.

Execution: Removal and Restoration of Aesthetics Minus Six Oak Trees

A four-man crew arrived with state-of-the-art equipment. With the bucket truck, skid steer, and loader, the project proceeded safely by working on one oak tree at a time. 

One danger was trees falling onto each other, risking extensive property damage. As a countermeasure, the bucket truck reached the tallest sections while the trusty skid steer worked closer to the ground. The crew also cut each tree into manageable sections for easy removal.

Switching to debris removal mode afterward ensured the site was exactly as the client requested once the crew completed the job.

Oak Removal Project Completion: Views For Days

The client thanked the tree removal company in Lake City, FL, as the Gainesville professionals completed yet another successful project without a hitch. The remaining oak trees were undamaged and now have more room to thrive.


tree removal in lake city

After the tree cutting, removal, and stump grinding, the happy client’s property looked amazing

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