Top Tier Tree Specialists Delivers Strategic Tree Trimming and Pruning in Gainesville, FL

Top Tier Tree Specialists Delivers Strategic Tree Trimming and Pruning in Gainesville, FL

by | Feb 27, 2024

Trees can be incredibly beneficial. That said, proper upkeep is required to keep them looking their best. During this project, Top Tier Tree Specialists showed off the team’s tree trimming and pruning skills.


Positioning the bucket truck

Positioning the bucket truck

Commercial Tree Trimming in Gainesville, FL, Breakdown

  • Client profile: Commercial tree trimming
  • Location: Gainesville, FL, Alachua County 
  • Type of service: Tree trimming & pruning oak trees
  • Tree size: 35 feet tall 
  • Equipment/Products used: Bucket truck, chipper truck, debris hauling, three-man crew
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Winter season
  • Specific challenges: Trimming the trees in a busy parking lot with lots of customers walking around for Baskin Robbins and other small businesses. 
  • Tree type: Oak trees
  • Additional services: Landscape cleanup, debris removal
  • Client preferences: Commercial property tree maintenance with tree trimming and pruning in order to preserve the trees and have a safe parking lot for customers. 


Strategic tree pruning

Strategic tree pruning

The Importance of Canopy Management  

If a tree’s limbs hang over a popular public area, they can cause damage or injury. In this case, the client was concerned because several limbs hung over areas where people often walked or parked. In order to protect their clients, they sought out expert pruning services from reliable professionals.

Comprehensive Tree Maintenance in Gainesville, FL

Top Tier Tree Specialists uses a tried and true tree trimming and pruning process to ensure success: 

  • Preparation: Before the project actually began, three specialists set out to prepare the job site. They took the time to discuss the scope of the project with the client, block off the work area, and assess the actual trees themselves.
  • Execution: Once preparations were finished, tree shaping and trimming could begin. The team used a bucket truck to reach the higher branches and carefully cut them off. A ground team worked with them to help maneuver the vehicle and get rid of debris.
  • Post-job cleaning: Once the tree trimming and pruning was complete, the team used the right equipment to haul away any extra debris. This way, they left behind a clean, beautiful-looking area.

By providing skilled arborist pruning services, Top Tier Tree Specialists was able to help Gainesville residents enjoy enhanced safety. With their assistance, they not only reduced the risk of falling branches, but also helped make the area look even more beautiful.

Trust Top Tier Tree Specialists for outstanding tree care.

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