The best I’ve every had the pleasure of dealing with in 80 years!! They removed a huge branch from my neighbor’s tree, that would have ruined our fence and my dogs could have gotten out! Cleaned up to perfection!!
Barbara Rice Wright Avatar
Barbara Rice Wright
Colton and his team did an excellent job trimming all size trees on our property. They were organized, efficient and neatly cleaned and hauled, and charged a reasonable fee.
Dr. Bruce Branin Avatar
Dr. Bruce Branin
Top Tier was very professional and easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone who needs tree services.
Nancy Tipton Avatar
Nancy Tipton
They worked very hard to cut a large oak tree close to our septic tank. They hauled off all the debris and had that stump ground. I will use them again and will recommend them to anyone that needs tree work. Bonnie Murphey
Bonnie Murphey Avatar
Bonnie Murphey
Colton and friends were professional, courteous, careful, accommodating and quick. Can’t say enough about the good experience. So rare these days.
Jennifer Johnson Avatar
Jennifer Johnson
They were very punctual and professional the crew were very polite listen to what I needed done and took care of all of it and left my property in great shape it’s was like they hadn’t even been here.. Would highly recommend them Colton the appraiser gave me a price it was right on. Austin, Simon and the crew got it knocked out in no time.
Michael Bennett Avatar
Michael Bennett
I contacted Top Tier after other companies not following up on giving a quote. Colton communicated clearly about the quote and was prompt in showing up. I approved my quote which was a fair price and they showed up right on time less than 48 hours later. They removed a very tall dead pine tree that was in weird spot between my house, other trees and power lines but had it all down, cut up and in a neat stack by the road in about an hour. Before the end of the day all the debris was picked up and you could barely tell anything had even happened that day. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Dale Tanner Avatar
Dale Tanner
Colton is professional, kind, and courteous! They are named Top Tier for a reason! They're the best! Thank you from the Gainesville Opportunity Center
Deidra Simon Avatar
Deidra Simon
I will be recommending them to all my friends. They came early, did their job and cleaned up extremely well. Go with this guys if you want quality and a great price!
Jessica Lupinacci Avatar
Jessica Lupinacci
Excellent work by Top Tier. I had some unique requests, including avoiding an area planted with native plants and leaving the stumps of cut trees a little over head high for wildlife habitat (standing dead trees are important for birds, lizards, and many native pollinators). They were very cautious about the native plants and did not drag a single limb over any of the plugs I've worked 2 years to grow. Very much appreciate the care taken by the entire team. I also asked for some larger pieces to be left on the property for use by one of our neighbors, and they left the two piles exactly where I asked. They did a superb job cleaning up the smaller debris, and even cleaned up a lot of leaves I'd been wanting to get rid of as well beneath the trees they worked on! Thank you to this team!
Megan Ellis Avatar
Megan Ellis
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