Does Pruning a Tree Reduce Root Growth in Gainesville, FL?

Pruning is the best way to improve the health of your trees and manage their development. But does pruning a tree reduce root growth? 

The short answer is that pruning can reduce root growth, but selective pruning for balanced growth can actually strengthen your trees’ root systems and provide lots of other benefits for your property. 

Top Tier Tree Specialist, the premier tree service specialist in Gainesville, FL, will explain everything you need to know below. 

does pruning a tree reduce root growth

The Different Types of Pruning Impact on Root Growth

When thinking about the relationship between a tree root system and pruning, you first need to consider the different types of pruning and how each one can impact a tree’s growth.

General Pruning

Dead branches can hinder a tree’s development and even be dangerous for your property since they could fall at any moment. General pruning removes these dead branches to protect your property and help your trees direct nutrients to other essential parts. 

Since this type of pruning involves removing parts of the tree’s tissue, it can indirectly impact root growth. Removing some of the tissue means your tree has less energy to use for root development, but pruning during a tree’s dormant season can help minimize this impact. 

Root Pruning

Sometimes, tree roots can become problematic by growing too far or too deep and invading your plumbing system or even your home’s foundation. When that happens, professional arborists can use root pruning to reduce their growth and protect your property. 

Since root pruning directly impacts root development, it’s the most common service people think about when asking, “Does pruning a tree reduce root growth?” Arborists also know to keep at least 70% of the root ball intact to keep the tree healthy. So, although it does reduce root growth, it can still be highly beneficial for your property, especially if you properly water your trees.

Crown Pruning

The difference between root pruning vs. crown pruning is simple: root pruning involves cutting the roots, while crown pruning involves trimming the tree’s crown. 

When you prune the crown, the tree will want to regrow it as quickly as possible. This means that it will direct more nutrients to the crown and less to the roots, which can slow their growth. 

Learn More About Tree Health and Post-Pruning Root Development With Top Tier Tree Specialist in Gainesville, FL

Do you need help taking care of your trees? If you’re concerned about minimizing root disturbance during pruning and wondering, “Does pruning a tree reduce root growth?” it’s best to let a professional handle the pruning. Our Top Tier Tree Specialist team knows how and where to make the right cuts to enhance tree growth. We also know how much of the roots to cut to keep your property safe without harming the tree.

As a family-owned business with years of experience, we can help you with everything from identifying tree fungus to professional pruning and trimming. Give us a call at (352) 472-8733 to schedule a service with Top Tier Tree Specialist in Gainesville, Florida!

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